Google responds to recent anti-competitive lawsuit

Last night, a lawsuit was filed that was drafted by several US State Attorneys General calling out Google for its anti-competitive conduct and dominance in the search service industry. Google replied in a blog post, responding to some of the claims that the lawsuit set forth.

Google admittedly pays to promote Google Search and draws a comparison to a cereal box at a supermarket, explaining that in order to get your cereal to the eye-level or end shelf you’d have to pay the supermarket. This supermarket shelf is equivalent to Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, and LG: companies that Google needs to pay to promote Google Search as a default or top choice search engine. Google reminds us that competitors are readily available to use if you desire.

The lawsuit claimed that Apple features Google search in its browser because its “the best” but Safari also features Bing and Yahoo search, both of which also pay Apple to promote their services. Changing a search engine on Safari is also not difficult, it takes a couple of clicks. Google even offered a graphic on how to do that.

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